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SD Marriage License Requirements

You don't have to take a test or pass anything to get married in SD

But you must have the following:

Someone to marry.

This person and you must have a photo ID

$40 cash

Take these to any Register of Deeds in any county seat on a weekday between 8am and 5pm

They will issue you a marriage license that is good in SD for 20 days.

You can buy it 20 minutes before you marry or 20 days

but not 20 minutes after or 21 days before.

You can buy that license in any county seat and turn it in somewhere else, it is a State License.

The key register of deeds in our area are:

Deadwood 90 Sherman St.; Deadwood, SD 57732 605-578-3930
Sturgis 1425 Sherman St.; Sturgis, SD 57755 605-347-2356
Rapid City 315 St. Joseph St.; Rapid City, SD 57701 605-349-2177
Custer 420 MT. Rushmore Rd.; Custer, SD 57730 605-693-2784

See all of the county seats with addresses and phone numbers here

If you are coming from out of state you could stop on the way in to get your license.

Deadwood has a Register of Deeds that you can visit when you get here.

Once the ceremony is completed, the officiator must sign the license along with

2 witnesses and it has to be turned into a register of Deeds in SD

within 10 days.

If you don't have witnesses, do not worry we will provide them. 

After the wedding you might have a need for a certified copy of your license

Once it is on file (turned in) you can buy one for $15

at any Register of Deeds in SD